About Our Family

Lance and I have been married for 10 years!!! We have 3 children, Kenton Doyle, McKelle Alyse, and our new arrival Avilynn Belle. Things are always crazy at our house between juggling work and home life. Even though life is hectic I love living it. It is so wonderful and such a blessing to have a family like ours!

~ The Love Of A Family Is Life's Greatest Blessing ~


Saturday, September 28, 2013

What Happened to Blogging Anyway

So, by chance today, I decided to type in my old blog.... and went back and read a lot of posts, that a few years ago, seemed very ingrained in my mind... and now... Funny, I remembered some of them, but the cute little ones, they were actually the best...

So why did Blogging become non-existent to Facebook and Instagram? It is way more personal, a lot better of a way to share things... interesting?!

So I thought I would add to this blog today, and make a note to self, remember to blog more... Because, it was really fun to read things from years ago!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

10 Year Anniversary - San Antonio Here We Come!!!

 Happy 10 Years!!! We Celebrated by going to the San Antonio, TX. It was so amazing and so fun!

 We started off on the Riverwalk, and visited the Alamo.

 The Riverwalk was gorgeous, and so fun. I had heard about it for years, working for Marriott, and I had been wanting to go see it. We took a river cruise first thing.

 We then explored the city more and went to the Tower of America.

 It was so fun to EAT! No kids, no interuptions, totally needed!

 After staying in the city, we high-tailed it to the JW Resort, which was AMAZING!!

 The pool turned colors at night!
 Lance remembered there was a temple, and we went exploring and found it.
It was Gorgeous!
 The Temple Presidency was inside when we got there, and when they finished their meeting, came out and was so nice to tell us some history and take our picture.
 It was a truly needed vacation! We had so much fun and we loved San Antonio!
 Happy 10 Years together Babe!! Love You!!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Avilynn is 1!!!!

I can't believe it!!!!

My baby is growing up, I am in shock ....She was so cute eating her cake!

Stupid Blogger, pictures are backwards....

I decided not to go all out with Fondant... its a lot of work, and she wouldn't have known, cared, or have been able to eat it cute...

This was the first time I made the 1st birthday cakes, and it was fun to have her little side cake along with the sheet cake!

She is growing so fast, I can't beleive it!! Where did this last year go?!!!

Christmas Time Was Here....

This year was a busy Christmas...

We had a bunch of activities planned out...

One was going to St. George to Touchan to see the Live Nativity they put on.

We went down with some great friends and had a really fun time!!

This is out of order... dumb Blogger... and I don't feel like uploading again...


This is are Christmas Eve Pj's, our only present the kids can open...

Another cool memory this year, was how my Brother In Law

went to town on the Christmas Lights!!! They were so cool... we thought

we were at Temple Square!


After 3 Years of waiting patiently.... ;)

It was McKelle and Kenton's turn to be Mary and Joseph in our Family Nativity!!!

We had Breakfast with Santa at the Grand America, and our kids are still talking about it!

It was a fun season, with a lot that happened...!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Halloween Happenings!!!

Our Annual Pumpkin Patch Outing!!
We Love this Place!!

The Family Carving

The Costumes!!

Bellatrix and Voldemort


A Family of Wizards!!!

You Better Watch OUT!!

Kenton got to choose our Theme for this year. Obviously he chose Harry Potter.

Next year it is McKelles turn to pick... We might all be Strawberry Shortcakes...or Barbie ;)

No I keep putting things in her mind, like Wizard of Oz, and we had a great idea to be the Simpsons... maybe the Incredibles... Hopefully she doesn't kill us!

So far we have been:


Batman, Joker and Catwoman

Star Wars: Darth Vadar, Princess Leah, Anikan, and Queen Amidala

Spiderman and Venom, with me as Catwoman again..( McKelle had just got out of the hospital)

Witches and Goblins

and this year Harry Potter....

We Love Halloween and it is one of our Families favorites things to decide what we will all be!

I thought it was Crafty..... ;)

So I wanted a Halloween Garland... couldn't find anything... only fall types... So I bought yellow/red leaf garland, bought some black spray paint and Halloween Glitter.... And VOLA....

Hey, never said I was Miss Crafty... but I was pleased with myself ;)